Calendar Overlay for the Finance Sector: Top 5 use cases 

Exploring How the Calendar Overlay App Streamlines Operations and Enhances Compliance in the Financial Services Industry

In a highly regulated industry with numerous compliance requirements and deadlines, financial reports, statements and filings, having a reliable, effective and easy-to-use calendar solution is vital for finance companies to work efficiently and productively. 

That’s where Cloudwell’s Calendar Overlay App comes in. 

Developed to bridge the gaps between SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 calendars, our integrated app has been enhanced with over a decade of updates and new features led by our customers’ needs.

It allows users to view and integrate calendars from multiple sources all in one place, including SharePoint lists and libraries, Outlook and Exchange calendars, Planner plans, and iCalendar feeds such as Smartsheet, Asana, Sage HR, BambooHR, and more. 

Continuing our series of sector-specific blog posts, we’ve identified these Calendar Overlay use cases for finance professionals.

5 ways the finance sector is using our Calendar Overlay app 

1. Keeping up with compliance and regulatory deadlines 

With multiple compliance and regulatory deadlines in the financial sector, the Calendar Overlay App is a valuable tool for integrating key dates, alongside individual and team calendars, to make sure everyone is aware of deadlines. That way financial institutions can avoid penalties and reputational risks.  

2. Overseeing financial reporting and budgeting 

Calendar Overlay can be used to manage financial reporting and budgeting processes. In a similar way to compliance and regulatory deadlines, key milestones, such as the end of a fiscal quarter or year, can be shared as events or tasks to help finance teams stay on track with their reporting and budgeting schedules. This integration ensures that everyone involved in the process is aware of critical deadlines and can allocate resources accordingly. 

3. Tracking market events and economic indicators 

Financial markets are highly sensitive to economic indicators and significant events. Calendar Overlay can be used to share key market dates, such as economic data releases, central bank meetings, and corporate earnings announcements. By integrating market calendars with personal or team calendars, finance professionals can plan their activities and make informed decisions based on anticipated market events. 

4. Project managing and tracking tasks 

Finance sector teams often work on complex projects with multiple stakeholders and interdependent tasks. Calendar Overlay can serve as a project management tool by allowing teams to create and track project timelines through Tasks by Planner Tasks. Finance professionals can view project deadlines alongside their individual calendars to make sure tasks are completed on time. 

5. Managing client and investor relationships 

The finance sector heavily relies on building and maintaining relationships with clients and investors. The Calendar Overlay App can make it easier to manage client meetings and events. By integrating client and investor calendars with personal calendars, finance professionals can prioritize relationship-building activities and ensure prompt follow-ups, leading to improved client satisfaction and investor confidence.  

With security being such an important element of financial services, Cloudwell’s Calendar Overlay App inherits the permissions of the data sources, so a user will never see data they don’t have access to.

Our Calendar Overlay is highly customizable, including color-coded calendars to make it easy to differentiate between different data sources. Users can choose the calendar or list view and choose whether to share or hide personal calendars with others. By hovering over calendar entries, users can choose to ‘see details’ of that entry.

Calendar Overlay is available as a web part and full-page app in SharePoint or in Teams as a channel tab. 

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