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Explore your organization effortlessly! Search, filter, and refine your staff in one place!

Your staff in one place

View your directory in SharePoint and Teams

Enhance connectivity, boost productivity, and foster collaboration within your organization in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Modern, simple, and flexible

Built for a modern experience, configuration is simple and flexible. Use the Staff Directory app in SharePoint as a web part and full-page app or in Microsoft Teams.

Dynamic search and filtering

Search and filter through team members based on specific properties such as department, job title, location, and more. Find the right person quickly and easily, saving valuable time and effort and simplifying collaboration.

Custom sorting

Sort team members based on your preference. Want to see team members alphabetically, by their role, or by their department? No problem! Our intuitive sorting feature helps you find the information you need in a way that works best for you.

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Advanced configuration

Experience unmatched flexibility with the advanced configuration feature, allowing you to set app defaults and fine-tune the directory results to your preferences.

Export the directory

Effortlessly export your staff directory data to Excel or CSV, ensuring seamless data accessibility and print capability outside the app.

Azure Active Directory Integration

Seamlessly integrated with Azure Active Directory for a simple, authentic, and streamlined user management experience.

Multilingual support

The app fully supports 22 languages and works with your regional settings without any additional configuration.

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How our customers use it

Company Onboarding

New employees familiarize themselves with colleagues by exploring profiles, understanding team structures and roles, and identifying departmental contacts.

Cross-Functional Projects

Team members identify and contact colleagues from other departments easily for projects involving multiple units.

Office Relocation or Expansion

Businesses with multiple locations use the directory to pinpoint where team members operate.

Remote Work Collaboration

In remote or hybrid work setups, team members search for colleagues and their contact details using the directory to enhance collaboration.

Team Meetings & Planning

Managers organize team meetings and ensure they include all relevant members from particular departments or roles using the directory.

Directory Integration in Teams

Teams relying on Microsoft Teams integrate the directory, making staff details accessible without switching tools.

Tailored Staff Overviews

Creation of dynamic lists of teams or departments for specific events or initiatives using the advanced filtering.

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