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Cloudwell products are designed to solve problems for all industries and enhance productivity.

Cloudwell products are designed to solve problems. for all industries. to enhance productivity.

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Calendar Overlay

SharePoint lists and libraries, Outlook and Exchange calendars, Planner plans, and iCalendar feeds in one place.

Org Chart

Explore your organization's structure effortlessly with our Org Chart for SharePoint and Teams!

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Staff Directory

Explore your organization effortlessly! Search, filter, and refine your staff in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Team Members

Microsoft 365 groups and Teams, SharePoint groups, and Azure AD groups and departments in one place.

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Viva Announcements

Easily view Viva Connections announcements anywhere in SharePoint.

As Featured in Microsoft's The Intrazone Podcast

Discover how our apps are revolutionizing SharePoint and Teams, as recognized on The Intrazone podcast by Microsoft. Listen to the podcast here.

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