Calendar Overlay

SharePoint lists and libraries, Outlook and Exchange calendars, Planner plans, and iCalendar feeds in one place 

Your calendars in one place

Overlay unlimited calendars in SharePoint and Teams

Overlay as many SharePoint lists and libraries, Microsoft 365 Groups and Exchange calendars, and Planner plans as you need.

Modern, simple, and flexible

Built for a modern experience, configuration is simple and flexible. Use the Calendar Overlay app in SharePoint as a web part or in Microsoft Teams as a channel tab.

Personalized and relevant

Overlay the current user's calendar in addition to the configured calendars and allow end users to show/hide calendars for a personalized and relevant experience.

Multiple calendar views

View your events in a monthly, weekly, daily, list, or agenda view and configure default and available views for users.

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See it in action

Event details at your fingertips

Hover or click events to view additional information, join meetings, and get task status.

Add to your calendar

Add events from the Calendar Overlay directly to your Outlook calendar.

Configuration export and import

Quickly export and import calendar data source configuration settings for ease of use.

Multilingual support

The Calendar Overlay fully supports 22 languages and works with your regional settings without any additional configuration.

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How our customers use it

Project Management

Visualize project milestones, issues trackers, plans, and task lists within your project team in Teams or SharePoint.

Team Member Availability

Overlay your team members' calendars for a unified view to assist with scheduling and availability.

Conference Room Scheduling

Share availability of conference and huddle rooms and book directly from the Calendar Overlay.

Docketing Calendar & Case Management

Visualize and schedule docketing events to simplify case management.

Education Syllabus

Aggregate course syllabus information for students, instructors, faculty, and accreditors.


The Calendar Overlay offers seamless integration with various enterprise platforms beyond Microsoft 365, allowing organizations to extend its benefits to a wider range of systems. Here are just a few:

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