5 ways to use Calendar Overlay

During the last decade, we’ve been helping our customers to manage their calendar tasks and events effectively.

Having worked in the SharePoint space for more than 20 years, we know that the native calendar experience has its limitations. You can’t control the colors nor customize it to make it as efficient a tool as it could be.

That’s why we developed the Calendar Overlay app.

Initially a solution-as-a-service offering for our customers, now available as an app to everyone, it is currently trending in the Microsoft App store.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, Calendar Overlay has been designed to make it easy for you to overlay SharePoint lists and libraries, Exchange calendars, and Planner plans in one place.

You can use it with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, all with enhanced customization. No matter which job role, Calendar Overlay will help you to make the most of your calendar.

Get organized. Reduce your stress. Increase your productivity. Found out five ways how:

1. Project Management

Project managers can visualize project milestones, issues trackers, plans, and task lists within a project team in Teams or SharePoint.

Members of a team within Teams will have access to chat, files, wiki, and the project calendar. Project teams will also have a shared mailbox with a calendar associated with it.

They’ll be a project tracker with multi calendar sources, lists, and events for any given project. Plus, an overall project tracker – a timeline that shows from start to finish major milestones within it.

There may even be a separate list for issues that might come up in between.  And tasks associated or created for people along the way too.

For project managers, keeping track of all these different data sources, with date driven events associated with them, is hard.

That’s where Calendar Overlay comes in.

Calendar Overlay gives project managers the ability to overlay all the different data sources such as the channel calendar, the project tracker, the issue tracker, the Microsoft Planner plan – into one view.

Once installed, anyone who has edit permissions within their site can utilize the benefits of Calendar Overlay.

2. Team Member Availability

Colleagues can overlay team members’ calendars for a unified view to assist with scheduling and availability.

Forget switching between Outlook or SharePoint’s calendars to find out if colleagues are available. Stay in the flow of work in your project’s sites or Teams using Calendar Overlay.

Find your team members’ calendars, identify their schedules, and align your project-based tasks all in the same place.

Infrastructure teams for example, who have maintenance that needs to happen over a weekend, can see and ensure that maintenance tasks are covered based off the view within the calendar.

3. Conference Room Scheduling

Share availability of conference and huddle rooms and book directly from the Calendar Overlay.

Organizing an event or meeting can be stressful. Identifying available rooms or places to host an event is one of the biggest challenges.

With Calendar Overlay, organizations can add multiple meeting or conference rooms to the app. Users can then see which rooms are available or not and can book them directly within the app.

Using the day, week, or month views, it’s easy to see which events or meetings are going on in any of the conference or meeting rooms at any time.

Even better, conference organizers can display the Calendar Overlay app on a monitor in the lobby which, using the auto-refresh feature, shows what’s happening in each room in real-time.

4. Docketing Calendar & Case Management

Law firms can visualize and schedule docketing events to simplify case management using Calendar Overlay.

Docketing and case management is a very date-driven process. It involves managing different milestones and multiple different documents that have to be delivered by specific dates.

Calendar Overlay enables law firms to visualize all the tasks and milestones in the docketing and case management process for each case, as well as the assignments – not just of what the task is but who it’s assigned to – giving them a much needed birds’ eye view.

Legal teams can use it for a case-by-case basis. Or can even have a full firm view of or a manager view of all cases going on within the company.

5. Education Syllabus

Education institutions can aggregate course syllabus information for students, instructors, faculty, and accreditors.

During the pandemic colleges and education institutions heavily adopted Teams. Within Teams there are classrooms, instructors and a wide variety of teams that students can be members of.

Using Calendar Overlay, instructors can add their syllabus and date-driven events for the academic year for students to view.

Students can create their own calendar view of key dates and miles from their courses and extra-curricular activities.

Institutions can collate and display data from every class and/or event into a master view to keep a track of what’s going on, where and when.


Want to view all of your Microsoft SharePoint, Planner, and Exchange events in one place?

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