How to surface Viva Connections Announcements in SharePoint and Teams

Viva Connections Announcements, launched at the end of last year, enables you to create and share time-sensitive messages in Viva Connections.

Whilst you can set up, manage, and schedule announcements from your organization’s SharePoint home site or directly from the Viva Connections user interface, it currently doesn’t offer any option to surface Viva Connections Announcements in SharePoint or Teams.

Instead the announcements will only appear for targeted users in the new Viva Connections home experience (desktop and mobile), which our customers have found restricting.

Introducing Viva Announcements

Viva Announcements
Viva Announcements on your home site.

Here at Cloudwell we’re constantly looking at ways to introduce new technology or new functionality to save our customers time and money, which is why we built our own Viva Announcements app to solve this very issue.

Our Viva Announcements web part and full-page app enables you to bring Viva Connections Announcements directly into any SharePoint site and right within your Teams workspace, ensuring your colleagues are always informed, no matter where they are.

Built for a modern experience, the configuration of Viva Announcements is simple and flexible. Use the app in SharePoint as a web part on any site or in Microsoft Teams as a channel tab.

Multiple view style options

Select from a number of view styles that best fits how you would like to display announcements on your site, allowing for a personalized and brand-aligned presentation.

Native Viva Connections experience

Experience Viva Connections announcements in their full glory. Our app retains all the native features, ensuring you have a consistent and enriched user experience tailored to your organizational needs.

Viva Connections announcements at your fingertips

Click on announcements to display the complete information and more.

See all announcements at once

Have a native experience where you can see all Active and Dismissed announcements in one place.

Multilingual support

The app supports 22 languages and works with your regional settings without any additional configuration.

How our customers use Viva Announcements

Viva Announcements on a project team site.
Viva Announcements on a project team site.

We work with Fortune Global 500 customers who are using our Viva Announcements app and web part in a number of ways.

Here’s some examples from our current use cases…

Project Management

Some of our customers are using Viva Announcements to communicate important project related information in real-time within SharePoint projects sites and channels in Teams.

Unified Announcements

Others are using Viva Connections announcements within their SharePoint environment for consistent and effective internal communication.

Role-Specific Deadlines

It’s also being used, in some cases, to remind employees in a specific role of upcoming deadlines.


However you choose to deploy it, whether as a web part or a standalone full-page app, Viva Announcements will enhance your user experience in SharePoint and Teams.

Get started with Viva Announcements with a 15-day free trial today.