The Horizon: February 2024

February may be the shortest month of the year (even with an extra day) but that doesn’t mean there’s any less going on in the world of Microsoft. As usual, we’ve been tracking the latest tech developments that might affect you and your business and here are some of our key spots. First up, there’s a sunset on the Horizon…

Viva Topics retirement

If your organization uses Microsoft Viva add-on Viva Topics, the service will be sunsetted in February next year, with no new feature development beyond February this year.

The retirement comes as Microsoft focuses its efforts on building new AI-powered knowledge experiences within Microsoft Copilot and other parts of Microsoft.

So, what does this mean for users?

  • Topic pages published by users will become standard SharePoint pages, so although they won’t be automatically enhanced by AI, users can still edit and update them as they would with any SharePoint page.
  • Topic pages generated entirely by AI will no longer be available.
  • Topic Center sites will be converted to a standard SharePoint site.
  • Topics will no longer appear automatically across Microsoft Search, Office apps, Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint modern pages.
  • In Viva Engage, topics will return to a simplified public topics model.

Don’t be too sad though. Our guess is that Copilot’s ever-evolving capabilities will easily replace it.

Managing Quick Links and Left Navigation using PowerShell

If you’re a SharePoint admin or site owner, this PowerShell time saver’s for you.

Learn how to use PowerShell scripts to automate the process of adding Quick Links to SharePoint pages and Left Navigation links to SharePoint sites. This is game changer, particularly for large-scale SharePoint deployments.

Follow Naveen Rajdev’s step-by-step guide in this YouTube tutorial…

New Power Automate capabilities

Power Automate, the service that automates workflows across apps and Saas services, has a new release. Release 2.41 to be precise.

So, what’s new?

The Picture-in-Picture run mode, introduced in public preview, allows users to run local attended desktop flows within a virtual window that replicates their desktop, without interrupting their work on the machine.

Users can now use string interpolation to insert Power Fx expressions right into the text they enter.

More releases!

And it’s not just the Power Automate who’ve been working hard on new releases. Our Calendar Overlay v3.6.2 release is out and features the following updates:

  • Enhanced audience targeting
  • Added support for full-width sections
  • Added support for attendees when creating ‘Exchange’ events

Loop news...

An immediate value-add for Team Cloudwell is the availability of Board visualization for all table-based components in Loop.

Board templates are already a popular feature of the collaboration tool so the team has extended the offering allowing you to manage your team’s items more efficiently, and streamline project management, and brainstorming.

On the subject of Loop

Recover Deleted Microsoft Loop Workspace

If you’ve ever been in the dreaded situation of accidentally deleting your Loop workspace, don’t panic. Our CEO Pat McGown has three simple steps on How to Recover a Deleted Microsoft Loop Workspace using PowerShell.

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