Calendar Overlay for Non-profits: Top 5 Use Cases

Navigating the constraints of limited resources and stringent budgets, non-profit organizations are continually tasked with optimizing savings and enhancing productivity. Discover how Cloudwell's Calendar Overlay App can serve as a game-changing resource in the arsenal of non-profit organizations.

Non-profit organizations often have limited resources and stretched budgets. Therefore, making savings and maximizing productivity wherever possible is key to success. Moreover, having an easy-to-use and reliable calendar solution to maintain internal organization can significantly aid in achieving this. Consequently, Cloudwell’s Calendar Overlay app can be a valuable addition to the non-profit’s productivity toolkit.

Our team developed this app specifically to bridge the gaps between SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 calendars. Over a decade, we have enriched our integrated app with updates and new features inspired by our customers’ needs.

This tool uniquely enables users to view and integrate calendars from various sources all in one place. These sources notably include SharePoint lists and libraries, Outlook and Exchange calendars, Planner plans, and iCalendar feeds like Smartsheet, Asana, Sage HR, BambooHR, and more.  

As we continue our series of sector-specific blog posts, we highlight the ways non-profit organizations can use the Calendar Overlay.

Scheduling and Coordination 

Non-profit organizations usually have a wide range of stakeholders, from full-time staff to part-time board members. The Calendar Overlay helps manage events, meetings, and appointments effectively.

By centralizing calendars from various team members, departments, or external partners, the app helps avoid scheduling conflicts. Integrating Teams calendars also allows for tracking RSVPs and sharing relevant meeting materials.

Volunteer Management 

Non-profits often lean heavily on a network of volunteers. Therefore, managing their availability and tasks can pose a challenge.

However, by using Calendar Overlay, non-profits can create volunteer schedules, track volunteer availability, and assign tasks based on their calendars, thereby managing volunteers more effectively.

Fundraising Events 

Fundraising events are just one of the many ways non-profits raise revenue for their causes. Accordingly, Cloudwell’s Calendar Overlay app can simplify planning and coordinating these events by integrating event-specific calendars, volunteer schedules, venue availability, and promotional activities. This organizational efficiency helps minimize scheduling conflicts. 

Grant and Proposal Deadlines  

Non-profits often regard grants as another significant revenue stream. Consequently, using Calendar Overlay, grant application deadlines can be shared as events or tasks to assist fundraising teams in staying on track with their grant applications. This practice ensures that everyone involved in the process is aware of critical deadlines and can allocate resources accordingly. 

Similarly, non-profits must adhere to multiple financial reporting requirements to maintain their non-profit status. As a result, Calendar Overlay can function as a project management tool, enabling non-profit finance teams to create and track project timelines through Tasks by Planner Tasks. Team members can then view reporting deadlines alongside their individual calendars to ensure on-time completion of reports. 

Resource Planning and Facility Management 

From meeting rooms and workspaces to minibuses, Calendar Overlay can assist in managing resource bookings, room reservations, and equipment availability.

Staff members can check the shared calendar to see when specific rooms or resources are available, eliminating conflicts and streamlining resource allocation.

About Calendar Overlay

Calendar Overlay app is highly customizable, allowing users to color-code calendars to make it easy to differentiate between different data sources. Users can choose the calendar or list view and choose whether to share or hide personal calendars with others. By hovering over calendar entries, users can choose to ‘see details’ of that entry.  

Calendar Overlay is available as a web part and full-page app in SharePoint or in Teams as a channel tab.  

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