The Horizon: June 2024

It’s a fast-changing world out there, with new product launches, releases, and retirements on an almost daily basis. So, if you’re struggling to keep up with key changes in the Microsoft technosphere, we’ve got you. 

Here are our picks of MS-based news to keep you in the know. 

SharePoint Premium extended free trial

We start with the exciting news that Microsoft has extended its free trial of SharePoint Premium services through to June 2025. 

To benefit, all you need to do is set up a pay-as-you-go account and you can access a monthly capacity for specified services at no charge. If your usage is more than the limit, you’ll pay the pay-as-you-go pricing. 

Services include document processing, document tagging, image tagging, and content assembly. 

SharePoint in-depth learning

We’d like to thank Mark Kashman for this off-the-chart curation of SharePoint videos from the recent Microsoft 365 Community Conference. 

So, if you’re down for some in-depth SharePoint learning, follow the link below. 

Topics include SharePoint’s capabilities and upcoming features, focusing on content management, collaboration, and leveraging AI in Microsoft 365, the future of intranets, SharePoint branding, SharePoint Embedded, and Jeff Teper’s opening keynote. 

PnP Modern Search Pre-release

PnP Modern Search web parts version 4.12.1 is now available in preview. 

The release includes an Italian localization, audience targeting for verticals, download functionality, and a URL fix for CDN resources. 

It also introduces a version of the result web part without dynamic data support, suitable for roll-up scenarios, and lazy loading. 

The dark section issue has been fixed, and there’s query template support on Graph provider. 

And did we mention our CEO Pat McGown was a contributor to the update? 

Viva Connections Chart Card

If your organization uses Viva Connections for its employee comms, you can now add a chart card to it with SPFx 1.19. 

With the chart card you can: 

  • Display one to three charts directly in the dashboard 
  • Customize chart metrics, colors, and details
  • Plus, there are future plans for pie and donut charts 


Microsoft’s Vesa Juvonen has created an easy-to-follow demo on how to use and configure the card. 

New Cloudwell Org Chart app

We couldn’t complete this month’s Horizon round-up without introducing our latest app, Org Chart. 

Our Org Chart app for SharePoint and Teams allows you to: 

  • Explore your organization’s structure in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, making it easy to connect, collaborate, and stay informed. 
  • Use the Org Chart app in SharePoint as a web part and full-page app or in Microsoft Teams. 
  • Easily configure the information to visualize on the front and back of the profile cards and let your users quickly flip cards to see additional information. 
  • Experience unmatched flexibility with our advanced configuration features, allowing you to set app defaults and fine-tune the org chart results to your preferences.  


Along with Calendar Overlay, Staff Directory, Team Members and Viva Announcements, Org Chart is the newest addition to our productivity-boosting suite of apps. 


If you want more news and updates from the Microsoft technosphere, don’t miss our CEO Pat McGown’s blog. 

And don’t forget, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we make it our business to provide innovative enterprise solutions for your business.   

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