StarlinkComms Revolutionizes Collaboration with Cloudwell

Empowering Railway Digital Transformation: Cloudwell Delivers Dual SharePoint Overhauls in Just Three Months

StarlinkComms is a front-runner in the rail industry, specializing in interoperable wireless communications and train control solutions. StarlinkComms offers pioneering products and services that facilitate Positive Train Control (PTC) compliance, signaling, and enhanced operational efficiencies. They collaborate with top-tier manufacturers, system integrators, and software developers to augment, support, and implement their solutions.


StarlinkComms had the challenge of managing two distinct, highly tailored legacy SharePoint 2013 environments: the Partner Portal and their intranet. With the end of SharePoint 2013 support by Microsoft on the horizon, Cloudwell was tasked with the creation of two separate, fully functional environments for both partners and colleagues, ensuring uninterrupted service, all within a strict three-month deadline.

To meet this challenge head-on, StarlinkComms provided Cloudwell with two primary objectives:

  1. Overhaul the Partner Portal
    Their utmost priority was the comprehensive revamp of the Partner Portal, aiming not just to upgrade but to develop a platform tailored 100% to the user experience, while preserving its familiar look and feel.

  2. Migrate Intranet Content to Modern SharePoint 
    Concurrently, their goal was to transition all content from the existing SharePoint 2013 intranet to a modern experience, fully harnessing the capabilities of their Microsoft 365 license.


Challenge 1: Crafting a New Partner Portal

The Partner Portal is StarlinkComms’ principal reservoir for software-based products, where partners access monthly releases and updates. Ensuring the right software is visible only to the right partners is paramount. With SharePoint 2013, StarlinkComms faced several challenges including manual software updates, potential for human errors, outdated Excel spreadsheets for data checks, and security concerns, among others.

Solution 1: Building the New Partner Portal

Cloudwell, following the brief, curated a platform 100% aligned with the end-user experience:

  • Front-end Solution
    Developed an Azure web application, employing Microsoft Fluent UI for visual continuity. The integration of the React framework paved the way for a scalable and efficient codebase, with content now hosted cloud-based in Azure.

  • Back-end Solution
    The back end was crafted using Node.js, interfacing with SharePoint Rest API and Graph API. The result? A seamless content delivery process. StarlinkComms now enjoys simplified content management and deployment, significantly reducing human error.

Benefits – The New Partner Portal

  • Seamless Transition
  • Resolved Legacy Bugs
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Simplified Software Release
  • Transparent User Access and Behavior

Challenge 2: Transitioning from SharePoint 2013 & Modernizing the Intranet

Primarily, StarlinkComms utilized SharePoint 2013 as a pivotal document management tool. However, outdated information architecture and inherent management challenges posed significant barriers.

Solution 2: Migration to Modern SharePoint

Cloudwell facilitated StarlinkComms’ content migration, refining the structure, and elevating the navigation experience. They replaced outdated content links, realigned permissions following best practices, and employed SharePoint Online APIs to streamline existing integrations.

Benefits – The New Modern SharePoint Intranet

  • Familiarity with Enhanced Intuitiveness
  • Boosted Efficiency and Productivity
  • Full Utilization of Microsoft 365 License