Microsoft Teams Phone Custom Screensaver

Complete your Microsoft Teams phone rollout by adding your organizations brand as a custom screensaver.

Complete your Microsoft Teams phone rollout by adding your organization’s brand as a custom screensaver.

Microsoft Teams devices continue to impress. In fact, we are very excited for our new Collaboration Bar to arrive so we can start doing interactive whiteboard sessions with our clients. More on that in the near future. Microsoft released a firmware update on April 23rd, 2020 with some great new features; most notably, a Favorites speed dial and customizable ringtones. But something that continues to be missing is the ability to add a custom screensaver image to your phone. The “Custom” option exists in the phone settings, but there is no upload dialog anywhere to be found.

We are currently working with a client to rollout around 100 Yealink T58A Teams phones and I can already see being asked the question “How can we add our corporate brand to these phones?”. So I can rest easy at night, and honestly because I’ve wondered this same thing for some time now, I set out this morning to answer this question once and for all.

Getting Started

The first place I went searching for the image upload function was in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. I went to Devices > Phones, the most obvious place for this sort of setting, but had no luck. I then thought to check the settings for the device itself in the manufacturer admin console. The devices we use, and have been very happy with, are the Yealink T58A Teams Edition. To get to the device settings, it’s as simple as navigating to the device IP Address. You can find this in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center, or on the phone itself via Menu > Device Settings > About > IPv4.

This Looks Promising

Once there, for Yealink devices, the default admin username/password are admin/admin. In my case, I changed this some time ago and did not write it down. Don’t worry, there’s a simple solution for that too. To factory reset the device, on the phone long press * and #. This takes a few minutes to complete, but when all is said and done, the device is reset and it will be seen again in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center.

Validate Firmware Versions

Once you’ve logged in, make sure to confirm your device is at a minimum firmware version of This is when Yealink introduced the Custom Screensaver feature. My Firmware Version and my Teams Firmware Version was 1449/ (the one mentioned in the Microsoft link above).

Upload Screensaver(s)

After confirming the firmware versions, in the left hand menu, navigate to Settings > Preference. Here you will see the Screensaver section where you can change the Screensaver Type to Custom and then upload your custom screensaver(s). A couple of things to note: 1024px x 600px is the optimal image size, and you can upload multiple images to create a 60 second slideshow effect.

Mission Accomplished

To confirm the setting was applied, navigate on the phone to Menu > Settings > Device Settings > Display. You will see the Screen Saver Type is set to Custom. After waiting the specified timeout, my custom screensaver now displays!

Microsoft Teams Phone Custom Screensaver
Microsoft Teams Phone Custom Screensaver

Curious Side Note

Please share your thoughts in the comments below if you have an answer: In the settings dialog on the phone, why is the section labeled “Screen Saver” but then the first setting is labeled “Screensaver”. Which one is it?

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