How to keep track of all your employees in SharePoint and Microsoft 365 

As an IT admin in a large company, where employee turnover is high – with new hires, colleagues switching departments, or even leaving the business on a weekly basis, you’ve got your work cut out keeping track of all your employees in SharePoint and Microsoft 365. 

It’s your job to ensure that once user accounts are created, they stay updated, regularly assigning members to the appropriate departments within Azure Active Directory, which is currently a manual, thankless task. 

However, with the new Team Members app, designed to integrate seamlessly into SharePoint and Teams, we’ve taken away the pain of having to manually add or remove employees from pages or groups for each department every time a colleague moves or leaves. 

With native Microsoft 365 integration, using Graph APIs, the Team Members app gets the information needed from an authoritative source, whether that’s Azure Active Directory, Microsoft 365 Groups, or security groups. All you now need to do is select your Team Member data sources and let the app do the rest.

Benefits for IT admins 

Thanks to the Team Members app keeping track of employees is now easy and efficient to do. It’s quick to install and can be set up and running within minutes on either Classic and Modern SharePoint. 

Once live as an IT admin you can: 

  • Add and display users from SharePoint, Microsoft 365 Groups and Azure Active Directory by department, job role, project team, security group, or seniority. 
  • Aggregate different data sources to display users. 
  • Create and display team hierarchies by group, site or department. 
  • Brand the app with your own colors for a seamless, native user experience. 
  • Customize the app to display content in up to 22 languages. 
  • Use the email template provided to cascade benefits to end users. 

Benefits for employees 

The beauty of the Team Members app is that it doesn’t just make your life easy, it helps your colleagues be more productive too. Win, win. 

  • Content owners of departments sites no longer need to manually add/remove colleagues from their teams. 
  • Employees can find each other searching by name, department, job role, or project team, all from within their SharePoint intranet or Teams. 
  • Helps to speed up collaboration by enabling employees to quickly search and find colleagues in project teams or departments and contact them directly within the channel they’re working in. 
  • Plus, it acts as a handy Department Directory so employees can see who’s who, job roles and seniority. 

Use cases 

Created in response to known business challenges, many Cloudwell customers are already benefiting from using the Team Members app.  

One national customer is using the Team Members app to display departments on their intranet. Employees can now readily see who works in which department.  

Plus, IT admin no longer need to regularly manually add or remove the names of incoming and outgoing colleagues on department pages. The Team Members app automatically and dynamically does it for them, saving them hours. 


Fed up with constantly keeping track of your employees in SharePoint and Microsoft 365?

We’ve got you covered! 

 Take our 15-day free trial and see how useful the Team Members app really is. 

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