365 educon seattle

365 EduCon, a Microsoft 365 Conference, Seattle 2023: The Roundup

Experience the latest advancements from 365 EduCon in Seattle, where we dived deep into SharePoint, Microsoft Syntex, and more. Discover how our solutions like the Staff Directory app are innovating the SharePoint space. Get a sip of the best coffee places in town and learn why our Cloudwell cowbell is the talk of the event. Dive into insights from SharePoint giants like Mark Kashman, get M365 tips from Nate Chamberlain, and see what’s brewing in the Microsoft Loop app.

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The Horizon

The Horizon: July 2023

It’s a fast-changing world out there. With new product launches, updates, and retirements on an almost daily basis, it can feel impossible to keep up.

In our new blog series, The Horizon, we’ll be sharing our favorite, mostly Microsoft-based news, information, tips, and announcements to help keep you in the loop.

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